Facebook Frenzy - When A Strong Mom Takes A Stand


Who is Jaime Primak Sullivan?

Jaime Primak Sullivan is a reality TV star who appeared in the series, Jersey Belle, however, these days she's more famous for her social media presence as a mother with an unusual vision and attitude. She has three young children who she regularly features in videos which she uploads to YouTube. Jaime is also responsible for the Cawfee Tawk series in which she campaigns for the right of all mothers to share their truth. Jaime's videos and Facebook shares enjoy a huge following by fans and haters alike. Often seen as controversial, the mother of three defends her openness and honesty about how hard parenting is. The controversy surrounding her videos stems from the constant flow of online criticism regarding her daily uploads which always feature her children. Some parents think it is taking advantage of them but Jaime feels this is "Mommy-shaming".

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Of her own admission, Jaime Primark Sullivan has caused a Facebook storm of enormous proportions. She claims this is exactly what she wanted to do, and despite the negativity from some, she intends to carry on. Parents who disagree with her daily videos featuring her children doing everything one does in an average day, object to the videos citing that it can only lead to trouble. We all know the stories about online predators and how they actively seek out easy prey. Many parents feel they should not even post pictures of their beloved children as there's no real privacy on there and they are putting them at risk. Yet, Jaime is adamant that she wants to share her mothering experience with the world. Whatever side of the fence you wish to sit upon, one of her recent stories has garnered much attention, simply because it contains a very real ring of truth.
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