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1 - How you can utilize every space available to make things happen

Getting a new car is something that is always fascinating and exhilarating for many people. Transporting the new jewel to one’s home could be effected through different means. However, no one expects that to happen in a manner as shown in this photo. This illustrates a creative idea that allows the owner of the vehicle to transport it to the next destination without having to spend more on transportation. Probably this could save some dollars. Other possibilities could also count in this event, whereby the car could be faulty and the only way it could be moved around is through another vehicle as shown.

2 - You can indeed make fun out of anything if you are creative enough

A well arranged meat gun that will poke fun while offering a chance to fight hunger. This could be a great way to celebrate an event or even surprise someone with the funny arrangement that is meant to mimic a real gun. How the pieces have been put together looks like a mystery and something beyond reality considering meat is soft and will not easily hold together unless when refrigerated to form a block. But this doesn’t look like that. It looks more like fresh meat. Creative indeed.

3 - Car parking done in the most embarrassing way

This clearly illustrates the frustration one can cause to others when common sense is not engaged. From the picture, it is clearly shown that the parking style the Porsche driver chose would occupy more space. To express frustration and to fight back, an irritated driver who probably did not like this behavior wrote some words expressing disgust for what the Porsche driver did. It’s possible the driver did this while in ah hurry or in the midst of some excitement, so it cannot be concluded it’s something that happens often.
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