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How costume dressing got started

In the 1920s and 30s, silent Hollywood movies became very popular. It wasn't long before the screen idol began to dictate fashion trends and every regular man (and woman) wanted to dress like their favourite film stars. Until then, Paris fashion houses had the monopoly on this fast growing marketplace with little room for foreign competition. The garments and hairstyles worn by movie stars, (on and off screen) were finally visible to the general public at large thanks to faithful fans who turned out in their thousands at cinemas and theatres across the globe. Suddenly women were clamouring to buy seamed tights, corsets, impossibly high heels and a plethora of other fashion accessories that had until then been unavailable and inaccessible. In today's modern society, we still have well known celebrities endorsing high-end fashion pieces and some of them we can't ever forget. Take David Beckham for instance. When David stepped out wearing a sarong around his waist, the world looked on in wonder and genuine confusion. Many blamed his wife Victoria Beckham, who was already noted for her fashion-savvy common sense. At the time, Victoria was known to be a fashion trend-setter herself. While the world heavily criticized the couple for what they considered to be a dreadful fashion faux pas, the Beckham's hardly batted an eyelid. It wasn't long before every man on the street was trying to purchase a sarong to emulate the famed footballer's personal stamp and style. Today David Beckham's clothing and accessory empire is reported to be worth a cool half a billion. So, the sarong wasn't such a bad idea after all. Still, there's always room for more outlandish and bizarre fashion pieces, and no industry does them better than costume clothing companies. One such company, the Etsy store El Costurero Real based in Barcelona Spain, is creating some truly unique pieces that have fashion tongues wagging and credit cards itching.CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...
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