Feng Fu: The Amazing Ice Cube Healing Treatment

Who doesn’t want to feel healthier and younger? So what if I told you that there’s a very simple way that you can do both – and it won’t cost you any money? You’d probably say I was pulling your leg. But according to Chinese traditional medicine, it’s easy to do and takes only a few minutes several times a week. Feng Fu: the amazing ice cube healing treatment So what is this magic recipe for good health? Simply put, it’s a Chinese acupuncture technique, which involves placing an ice cube between the two tendons on the back of the neck – in the hole where the neck and the head connect. This is the point on the body that in Chinese acupuncture is called Feng Fu, which translates as “wind mansion” or “a shelter from the wind”. Astonishingly simple! But surely it can’t be as easy as that, I can hear you ask? Well, according to the experts, it is. So here’s a bit more about how it works and what benefits it can bring.

What is Feng Fu?

So how does a simple ice cube placed on the back of the neck make you look younger and give you an energy boost? Chinese practitioners consider the body to be an energy system and they use acupuncture and massage to alter the energy flow and organ functions. According to Chinese traditional medicine, the Feng Fu method helps you find you inner and outer well being by bringing your entire body back to its natural physiological balance. By placing an ice cube on the Feng Fu point, your body will start to rejuvenate and many ailments will disappear. You will feel healthier and have more energy. However, ice cubes don’t have the same healing power when placed on other parts of the body – only the Feng Fu pressure point. So where exactly is that point? Explore the back of your neck and feel for the spot at the base of your skull just below the bottom ridge of the skull cap at the top of your neck. You’ll know when you find it because after a few treatments you will feel more energetic, happier and more in harmony with yourself. People have reported having a feeling of euphoria the first couple of times they do it. This is down to the release of endorphins in your bloodstream.

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