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Mandala 1: Harmony

Representing harmony, this mandala can be seen as representing ying and yang or masculine and feminine. Each of the rings represents a layer of existence, creating circles that illustrate how each layer works together in harmony. If you are drawn to this mandala, it probably means that you need to have more harmony with your mind as well as your body. Use it to change negative thoughts into positive ones, and to help you not be swayed by people around you.Find out Mandalas!

Mandala 2: Healing

Symbolising healing, the various points in the circle of this mandala represent focal points required for healing. The mandala represents the energy of the frog. If you feel drawn to this mandala, it might be a sign that you need to pay less attention to the ultimate goal of your efforts or activities. Instead, you might need to pay more attention to accepting your current situation as it is and, if necessary, focus on healing existing or old wounds.

Mandala 3: Intuition

Representing intuition, if you feel attracted to this mandala it could mean that your soul needs more self-confidence. It could also mean that you need to be more open to the world around you. This mandala evokes the spirit of the owl. The triangle within the circle represents the combination of the mind, spirit and body. The vortices emerging from the triangle symbolise a volcanic eruption of insight and perspective.Find out Mandalas!

Mandala 4: Synergy

The spheres in alignment within the circle of the mandala symbolise the synergy of the various elements in your life. This mandala is associated with the white tiger. If you are drawn to this mandala, it likely means that your body is telling you to focus more on your vision of the future or your goals and objectives. You may be asking yourself what direction you should really be taking in life. You might also be asking whether there is something better for you out there in the world. Use this mandala to channel these thoughts and determine your path.
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