Firefighter Attends Graduation Of Girl He Rescued 17 Years Before

Back in 1998 the Davison family of Wenatchee, Washington state, would have lost their baby daughter in an horrific house-fire had it not been for the last-minute actions of the heroic local fire chief who had been called to the scene. Seventeen years on from the dramatic rescue firefighter Mike Hughes, now retired, experienced an emotional reunion with the girl he saved at her High School graduation ceremony. Dawnielle Davison, now a teenager, invited the retired firefighter to her graduation as a sign of gratitude for the rescue and to acknowledge that if it was not for his courage and his sense of duty she would not have lived to see her graduation day.

Responding to the 911 call

The Wenatchee Fire Department, responding to the call informing them of a house-fire in the city, arrived at the Davison property to find their home engulfed in flames and due to the extent of the fire it was apparent that it would take emergency services considerable time and effort to extinguish the flames with their water cannons.
As the firefighters tackled the flames they were informed via radio that while most Davison family members were not in the burning building a nine-month-old baby was trapped inside. Hughes, the most senior firefighter at the scene, entered the burning house to try and save the life of the infant Dawnielle at great risk to his own.

The rescue

With little time to lose Hughes rushed into the flaming building in search of the missing infant whose life was in grave danger from the heat and smoke. He ran to the area of the house in which he believed the child was most likely to be and discovered the door to her bedroom ajar. As the firefighter entered the room, which was thick with hot smoke, he saw the baby squirming in her crib and grabbed her before rushing out of the building and handing the infant to his colleague. If he had arrived twenty seconds later, the retired fire chief recollects, the outcome may have been altogether more tragic.
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