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Five Steps To A Perfect And Shapely Rear

The rear is one of the body parts that many of us are unhappy with. Some will desire it to be more round and firm while others may be looking to lose a few extra kilogrammes to fit into a pair of shorts during the summer months. These images are reinforced by the seemingly "perfect" behinds sported by many modern celebrities. The search for the perfect rear has literally exploded in recent years and such an appearance is now considered to be quite vogue. What are some excellent ways to shape, tone and chisel this much-viewed body part? Let us closer take a look at five effective and rewarding methods.

1 - Take a Lesson from the Stars

Although there are many celebrities that can be seen to sport a shapely behind, perhaps none is more well-known and respected as Beyonce for her tempting curves. As opposed to plastic surgery or an experimental supplement, her secret is constant, targeted and hardcore training. In fact, Beyonce trains no less than five days a week. Some of the activities that she performs include a four-kilometre run, squats, lunges and step-ups. Each of these movements is performed for hundreds of repetitions. Although some of us many consider such a regimen to be a bit tiring, the results that she proudly displays can hardly be disputed.
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