#followmeto The Church: Natalya Finally Weds Photographer Murad Osmann

Murad Osmann was born in Dagestan, Russia. He moved to Moscow in his mid-teens and it was there that he first discovered his passion for photography. Later, he completed a degree in civil engineering at a top London university, but decided to pursue a career in photography. Fans around the world are glad he did, for Murad has produced one of the most artistic and interesting social media storms of recent years, in the form of the Follow Me project.#followmeto the Church: Natalya Finally Weds Photographer Murad Osmann Follow Me started in 2012 and is officially based on the photo sharing site Instagram, but also has a huge presence on other social media under the hashtag #followmeto. In this epic photography project, Murad Osmann photographs his girlfriend (now wife) Natalya in a series of destinations across the world. What makes the project unique is that each time she is pictured from behind, with an outstretched hand holding Marud’s hand as he takes the photo. It’s as though Natalya is leading the viewer as well as the photographer into the scene.
On his website, Murad says that he wants others to 'see beyond the obvious' in his art. The obvious aspects of the Follow Me images are the connected poses of the model and position of the photographer; Natalya always has her back to the camera, and the couple's hands are clasped together in the middle ground of the image. Less obvious, at least when looking at individual images, is the feeling you get when you scroll through Murad's 277 Instagram posts.
Natalya is pictured in all sorts of different locations, outfits and hairstyles, varying from unbelievably foxy dresses and skimpy swimwear to an everyday denim jacket. Perhaps Murad is showing that he loves Natalya for herself no matter what, that appearances and locations make no difference when true love is involved. Whatever the artistic meaning of the project, it illustrates the romantic ideal of following your lover to the ends of the earth and back, which has resonated with Instagrammers across the world.
The Follow Me Project has gained Murad 2.7 million followers on Instagram, and thousands of re-posts and admiring comments for each photo. They say every picture tells a story, and each of Murad's images conveys a powerful sense of time and place as well as the over-arching romantic theme of the couple who explored the world together before tying the knot. Many of the images are funny and cute, and all are beautifully composed, styled and photographed. This article will take you on an imaginary journey through ten of Murad’s photographs, from nostalgic Russian imagery to modern New York City, ending with the Follow Me wedding photo.

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