Food Freeze - One Woman's Dream To End World Hunger


A local hero

Minu Pauline is a twenty-eight year old restaurant owner. She says her choice of profession was an unusual one as she was formerly employed in the banking business. Her project which is titled Nanma Maram is all about feeding the hungry with a smart and savvy twist that will encourage others to adapt her innovative and clever idea. Minu Pauline has seen her fair share of starving people in the local area where she resides. She wanted to be able to give something back so she took a four-hundred and twenty litre fridge and placed it right outside the door of her restaurant. She pledges to put fifty packets of food in the fridge daily, where anyone can take from it day or night. The fridge keeps the food parcels fresh and those who are hungry can avail of it for free. When asked if she was setting herself up to be taken advantage of, she said she believed in the basic goodness of human beings and was not deterred.

Spreading the message

Minu Pauline, thought her project through as she knew all too well, how the simple donation of free food wasn't enough. She encourages everyone to donate to the fridge if they so wish.
Food freeze - one woman's dream to end world hunger
This means that people can take from the fridge and give something back; a kind of swap and exchange set-up. She's hoping her generosity will be a good example and pave the way for other businesses to do their bit to help end world hunger. She claims that all her food parcels are labelled with realistic expiration dates and the fridge ensures these products can last for weeks. Those who wish to put something into the fridge must make sure the item is edible and suitable for freezing.
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