Food Freeze - One Woman's Dream To End World Hunger


World hunger

While recession fades into the distant past, poverty, homelessness and food shortages still dominate the news headlines. Over the years, much has been done to bring an end to world hunger, through awareness campaigns, fund-raising and political debate. One only has to think back to 1985, when Irish pop sensation Bob Geldof was so appalled by the images of starving children in drought-ridden Ethiopia, that he felt compelled to do something about it. Embarking on a courageous and difficult project to bring together some of the worlds greatest musical talents, the resulting extravaganza 'Live Aid' concert raised millions. The concerts initially seemed to be a great success as medical and food aid came flooding into Africa. However, as a long-term resolution to the country's stricken climate and landscape issues, it ultimately failed, and only provided temporary relief from starvation for those who were lucky enough to see any of the proceeds.

Food mountains

Food mountains occur when large companies such as agricultural factories and manufacturers have left over products that can't be consumed within the best-by-date recommendations. Who among us hasn't binned large quantities of food, just because a supermarket chain tells us to? Expiration dates on perishable food items have been the source of much controversy with many believing the limit is an attempt to make consumers buy more products. Despite the terrible waste, some countries have begun to recognize that no human being should be forced to go without food and this has seen a huge rise in soup kitchens, food-donating organisations and the world calling for an end to wasted food. Following the trend, France brought in legislation which forbids supermarkets to dump leftover food products and there are some remarkable individuals like Minu Pauline who are doing their little bit too.
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