Footloose And Fancy-free - The Benefits Of Going Barefoot

The healthy advantages of going barefoot are tenfold, and it's a trend that's fast catching on. But, while it may look hot to trot without any footwear these days, it's actually an ancient practice for some. On September 10th, 1960, African athlete, Abebe Bikila of Ethiopia won an Olympic gold medal and set a new world record. Barefoot champion Zola Budd Pieterse won the world cross-country championships twice. The science behind the barefoot strategy among competing athletes was a simple one; going nude encouraged natural muscle strength which in turn increased speed and agility. For those of us whose only ambitious run might be for a bus, it's hard to even comprehend finishing a marathon minus our footie fashion statements. Still, there's many benefits to be gained by shedding our socks and shoes; here's three reasons why.

Restoring balance

Realistically speaking, most of us can't run about needlessly without some kind of protective footwear. Our roads are strewn with broken glass and metal not to mention germs. However, modern textiles like rubber and plastic commonly found in everyday footwear, serve as electrical padding. These materials block the natural flow of electrons from the earth to our bodies. When our feet connect directly with the earth's soil, we feel naturally grounded. Our bodies benefit from electromagnetic fields which in turn restores overall physiological and psychological balance. There is also compelling research that shows how going barefoot can level out blood viscosity and steady irregular heart rates. Well-seasoned yoga enthusiasts who practice balance poses like the 'tree' and the 'half-moon' always do so barefoot because they know the healing properties that can be gained from realigning the bodies relationship with planet earth's primary surface.

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