Fortune And Your Future Life: What Your Unique Moles Say About You


Many people in antiquity were intrigued by the dark coloured marks on the skin that we call moles. Rather than seeing them as disfiguring, they saw them as signs of loveliness and character, calling them "beauty spots" or "beauty marks". This led to the divinatory skill of molesophy, or molemancy - reading someone's character and future by their moles.


What Your Unique Moles Say About You The art of reading moles focusses mainly on the face, with the area around the eyes playing a very important part in this. If you have a prominent mole between the eyebrows, it's a cause for celebration - you are intelligent and adaptable, which will help you on the road to the great achievements that are waiting for you. Moles on the eyelids also relate to success and wealth through intellect, although they can also indicate possible clashes with people who are envious of your drive and determination.
On the whole, moles on the right side of the face and body indicate greater positivity in a person, whilst those on the left indicate possible challenges in life. Moles at the corner of the right eye, or just below it, are the sign of a passionate and sensitive person. On the side of the left eye, or below it, a mole indicates more reserve and difficulty in expressing feelings. Moles around the chin and nose convey a person's inner character and imagination. What Your Unique Moles Say About YouIt might at first seem surprising that this can also relate to wealth, but using your imagination is often the key to wealth creation. The closer the mole is to the nose, the greater the creative imagination, but also the greater the secrecy of a person. A mole on the nose itself, especially towards its centre, is the sign of a someone who will travel widely. Moles anywhere on the chin are the sign of a tenacious, even stubborn character, but one who is reliable and trustworthy. Moles around the mouth are perhaps the most desirable of all - they indicate a person who is both loveable and loving and fond of the good life. This is particularly true if the moles are on the side of the mouth. Such people are excellent and stable family members.
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