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Our prickly pals

The humble hedgehog is in jeopardy of extinction, according to a new study carried out in the UK. Toni Bunnell, a retired zoology lecturer, along with a team of supporters compiled a list of animal species whose populace has fallen dramatically in the last century. Among the list of animals most threatened was the hedgehog community. In some parts of the country a fall of 50% has been reported leaving roughly one million hedgehogs left wandering around Britain. It's easy to think this won't have any significant impact on the rural landscape but think again. Scientists the world over have always viewed hedgehogs as an indicator animal species. In lay man's terms, this means they give a good indication of how healthy the land is. With their numbers dwindling more and more each year, this doesn't bode well for the future. Dr Bunnell who manages a hedgehog sanctuary near York, was keen to impress on others the importance of the survival of the hedgehog species as it determines the wellness of insect life which nature thrives on.
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