Free Energy For A Better Planet - Fantasy Or Fact?


Three cool free energy ideas

  • Fans and magnets - Fans and magnets have been around forever but did you know they can generate electricity? To try this experiment, all you need is a light bulb, a strong solid magnet, and a small cooling fan from the inside of a computer.
    Free energy for a better planet - fantasy or fact?
    Connect the power cable from the bulb to the fan and vice versa. When you draw the magnet to the fan it will activate its magnet propellers and send the free energy to the bulb, making it light up.
  • Elevator electricity - A company called Eco Sun Power came up with an ingenious way to generate energy from lifts and elevators. This energy retrieve system works by utilizing electricity when the lift goes up. When the elevator is not in use or going down, it makes use of what already exists, hence it conserves and preserves energy at the same time. This system is based on the general electrical usage in other circuits and how best to use it. It's so successful that it has been installed in many apartment blocks although inhabitants may not be aware of it.
  • Free energy for a better planet - fantasy or fact?
  • Tile walking - The Pavegen system was developed by a UK company. This engineering enigma is fairly straight forward and works perfectly. Its foundations work by using the kinetic energy generated by trampling feet. The tiles are recreated from old tires. Every time someone steps on them it produces roughly 7 W of free and clean energy. One can only wonder how much energy they'd produce if placed in supermarkets all over the world.
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