Free Energy For A Better Planet - Fantasy Or Fact?


Why free energy?

The hunt and demand for free and clean energy systems that can actually work, has become more pronounced over the last few decades. The whole concept of free energy has raised its head due to a number of factors. The combination of climate change, global warming and disastrous effects of the great recession in 2007, has spurned a renewed interest in how we can look after ourselves and the planet in a healthier and more economical way. We have all become eco-friendly as a result and many of us have tried to play even a small role in protecting future generations and the survival of earth as we know it. Conserving energy is a vast topic that needs more research and understanding. Living in such a fast-paced world leaves little time to contemplate such matters let alone put them into practice and global free energy systems are still very much a theory.

What's workable?

Attention has already been drawn to the amount of fossil fuels we burn as a human race. According to ecologists and scientists, gas emissions and our excessive material needs have poisoned our air, destroyed our natural habitats and caused irreparable damage to the ozone layer. Some scientists predict doom and gloom and have already written off planet earth saying it won't survive the next few decades as the ice-caps continue to melt and sea levels continue to rise. They also claim that energy-saving methods can and do already exist but because of corporate greed, they'll never be truly treated as viable alternatives to paid-for electricity and other energy powers we've come to depend on. Solar-based energy projects come under much fire because they impact on the environment and habitats of those affected by their presence.
While the debate rages on, there are still some small ways of creating free energy that's getting the attention of the average man or woman who wants to improve their understanding of free energy and how it can best be utilized.
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