From Sleek To Chic - How To Create Five Hairstyles Using Your Flat Iron


Wonderful waves

The great thing about long hair is it can be manipulated into several different styles and a good styling tongs can create diverse looks for every occasion. As curls, kinks and waves are back in fashion big time, your hair straightener can help achieve this style with some simple manoeuvring tricks. For soft curls, take a one inch section of hair and wrap it around the tongs close to your scalp. Gently pull the tongs in the opposite direction, (as you would when curling a piece of ribbon with a scissors) Continue this pulling movement along the shaft of hair until you reach the ends. The result will be soft waves that cascade over your shoulders. You can adapt your waves by using a pony tail and curling the strand ends of the pony only. Similarly, making soft waves to the front of the hair only, can accentuate the face shape.

Hairpieces and hair art

Hair pieces and extensions can be styled by hair straighteners and these extra features can really help set off a special evening dress or a wedding gown. Pony tails, buns, chignons, plaits and braids can all be added to your hair to create that special sophisticated appearance. If you are styling a hair piece it's wise to check any styling directions that accompany the piece as synthetic hair can burn. Create your own unique look by sweeping long tresses back into a tight knot and dress with hair accessories such as flowers, brooches or tiaras. The hair straightener can be used to create a gentle tousled appearance by back-combing. To keep your style in shape, secure the hair pieces, by using a strong hairspray and tight clips. For extra volume add a blob of hair mousse before you style and set.
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