From Sleek To Chic - How To Create Five Hairstyles Using Your Flat Iron


Crimping craze

Hair straighteners (or flat irons) are popular hair appliances which most people buy to achieve lean, sleek hair lines. But hair straighteners can be used to create some trendy hairstyles that are making a welcome comeback. USA beauty, Jennifer Hudson who is an actress and singer, recently uploaded photos of her long tresses bearing the hallmark of the 80's crimp style. Crimping has always been synonymous with long locks and are an easy way to turn long lank hair into a frizz frenzy. To get this look, it's essential that you set the right temperature on your hair tongs. Working from the top down, wrap one inch of hair around the tongs and glide it from left to right and back again. Continue all the way down to the tips, until the full hair strand is kinked. Repeat the process with the next section of hair until the whole head is complete.

Straight and sleek

There's no competition when it comes to long and lean locks, and this is where the hair straightener appliance reigns supreme. For the best results, make sure the tongs is set to the right temperature. Too much heat, and repeated use of styling tongs can dry out the natural oils in hair fibres, causing brittle dry hair with split ends. It's wise then to use hair polish or other products which protect the hair follicles and good conditioners that keep it rich in texture and thickness. Start by splitting the hair into manageable sections, and slowly straighten each segment. If you have curly hair this will take longer and you may need to apply more pressure in some places than others. Kinky roots should be tackled at the root so start there and slowly work your way downwards.
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