From VHS To Digital - How To Convert Old Tapes Into DVD's


What do I need?

Firstly, you need to accept that VHS tapes have a low resolution so the quality of your tapes is not going to change when they are adapted digitally. You've probably ditched your old VHS player but this is an essential component if you want to transfer to DVD or CD. If you don't have a VHS player, don't worry, someone's bound to have one hidden away and anyway, you can buy them for a pittance online in stores like e-bay. You will be transferring your VHS tapes onto your PC, tablet or laptop so you'll need a scart lead to connect the two devices. These can also be bought online for a few Euro. Next you'll need to invest in some good software that's specifically designed to help convert VHS into digital files. There's an array of products on offer ranging from £20 to £100 in price. Shopping around and reading reviews of these products is highly recommended so you get the right software for your particular digital device.

How do I convert VHS tapes?

First connect the VHS player to your digital device via the lead provided in your software product. This cable should have several multi-coloured sections. If you're confused, read the instructions and check whether you are using input or output portals. Initiate the software programme on your laptop, PC or tablet and follow the instructions. The process is relatively straight forward and you'll be prompted when to start and stop playing your VHS tape. When the recording has ended, press the stop button on both the VHS player and your software programme. If you want to burn (or rip) your VHS onto a DVD, your digital device will offer you this option too.

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