Get Sheets And Pillows Crisp, White And Clean Again


Simple, natural stain removal solutions

When it comes to tackling stained sheets, if the spots are concentrated in particular areas, begin by soaking them overnight in a basin of water. Add a few tablespoons of baking soda and salt to the water as this helps to remove stains. When checking the condition of the sheets the following morning, if the stains are still there, try applying a very small amount of bleach to the water. This should ensure the sheets come up fresh, white, crisp and clean. Then, run them through a normal washing machine cycle to get rid of the slight bleach door that could persist if bleach has been used. Try adding citric acid to the detergent or use non-caustic soda. Dry the freshly-laundered sheets outside ideally and then use them to make the bed! When it comes to cleaning stained pillows, first, make sure that they don't need to be dry cleaned by reading the care label on the pillows themselves. If they can be washed in the washing machine, pull them out of their pillowcases and wash them at 40 degrees. In addition to normal detergent, add two tablespoons of baking soda. Instead of using fabric softener, use a little white vinegar in the washing machine and run the cycle through an additional rinse to remove all traces and leave the pillows smelling fresh and looking clean.
Get sheets and pillows crisp, white and clean again
When it comes to the spin cycle, make sure this is set at a level no higher than 800 rpm to avoid distorting the shape of the pillows. When the pillows come out of the machine, lay them on a flat surface and smooth them out with your hands to get them back to their proper shape. The result will be lovely, clean pillows and we can rest easy at night, knowing our bedding is 100% sanitised. Using simple, natural ingredients that are readily available in every home, we can revive our bedding, eliminating the annoying yellowish streaks that fabrics pick up over time. We can use the same techniques for curtains, tablecloths and everyday laundry. Finally, it’s important for health that we allow our beds to air in the morning. Mites and bed bugs can proliferate between the covers but air and sun are the perfect repellent.

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