Get Sheets And Pillows Crisp, White And Clean Again


How clean is your bedding?

Cleaning your home can take many hours a week but it’s difficult to include every single nook, cranny and object when carrying out the job, especially when you lead a busy life and are juggling multiple priorities. We vacuum, dust, polish, wash clothes and change our bedding. When it comes to our beds, what level of detail is needed to keep them clean? Most of us may only go as far a changing duvet covers, under sheets and pillow cases every week or so, without much thought to the state of mattress or pillows. In actual fact, taking care of our bedding is of critical importance for health and comfort. The job begins right from the moment we choose the very products that will keep us warm and cosy at night. It’s always a good idea to choose bedding in breathable and washable fabrics, including duvets and pillows themselves. It’s also necessary to replace these from time to time. Unfortunately, by the time our pillows lose their original white colour giving way to unsightly yellow stains, we may think they’re beyond saving. These stains appear due to sweat from our bodies and often, despite washing, they don’t come out. We can also find yellow marks on bed linen if we store it folded in a cupboard for a long period of time. When we finally decide to use our linen, ugly yellow lines can sometimes be seen. What do we do, then? There are several options. You could throw your bedding away and start again. We could resign to sleep on a pillow that looks old and dirty even when washed. Or, we could try an effective and natural method to restore it back to its former glory. So, how do we do this?

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