Getting Out Of The Rat Trap - The Safe Way


The truth about pest control

Modern day pest control pertains to elimination and basically nothing more. While it's a short term solution it has never dealt with the real problem of infestation. Killing a couple of mice or rats will do nothing to stop them reproducing in their millions. Nobody likes to see a rat or mouse running about the home or office and our immediate response is to buy the latest rat/mouse trapping device to just get rid of the problem on our own little patch. This is hugely ineffective because of the sheer numbers involved. More importantly, rat and mouse traps these days are horribly inhumane, especially the glue trays. Rodents get stuck in the sticky substance and often take hours or days to slowly suffocate to death. The poor little mites often rip their skin off as they try to escape and some will even try to gnaw off limbs.

Doing the right thing

Glue traps cause a death that is prolonged and agonizing. Despite the fact that they don't really address the problem of rat/mouse infestation anyway, we are most likely to keep using them.
Getting out of the rat trap - the safe way
Ideally, rodent infestation should be prevented by better building maintenance and repairs. Still, there is a simple solution to the inhumanity of glue-traps. By pouring a small amount of regular cooking oil around the animal's feet, the oil dissolves the glue, so it can escape. Then the rodent can be safely released back into the wild where it belongs.

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