Getting Out Of The Rat Trap - The Safe Way


The purpose of rats and mice

Most people don't stop to think that our little furry friends, rats and mice, do actually have their place in this world. It may appear that they contribute nothing to planet earth, and that they are nothing more than a public nuisance. Because they multiply at an alarming rate, we've become consumed with ways to rid the species and cast them off as dirty, harmful creatures who invade our homes and commercial businesses. Rats and mice are a necessary food chain to other larger animals to prey on, so without them, other species would starve. More importantly, rats and mice are the animals we use most in laboratory experiments which have led to major medical discoveries and cures. Considering they take the fall to better the human race, shouldn't we give them a little more slack?

A modern day plague

While we are apt to think rats and mice just seem to procreate by themselves, we need to understand the reasons why there are such large numbers of both roaming our countries. As the human population continues to thrive and expand, so does our need to make settlement areas where we can live and prosper. The sprawling cities and suburbs which keep growing lay the foundations for rat and mouse to feed off. Every new housing estate, shopping mall and business enterprise is like an open invitation to the rodent family, as it naturally provides a habitat that's rich with all the ingredients they need to survive. As they tend to forage through rubbish bins, restaurant skips and poorly maintained residential areas, we're not really in a position to blame them for their ever-increasing numbers, and our attempts to wipe the rat race out always seems to fail. Bearing in mind their real usefulness when it comes to lab research, it makes sense to treat them with due respect, whilst at the same time eliminating the problem in a humane way.

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