Getting Rid Of The Pest Known As Silverfish


For the creepy-crawly averse, silverfish are one of your worst enemies as a household pest and a creature to make your skin crawl, with their slippery, silvery appearance and 2 feelers projecting out from their long, thin body. These feelers are long and very sensitive antennae to help it navigate around, finding food as it goes. Their bodies are up to 1cm (excluding their antennae) and another remarkable quirk of nature is the 3 distinct circles that can be found towards the end of their back and are part of their sensory system.

Silverfish don't swim like fish or fly like insects but slither everywhere, a little like worms. They have a preference for coming out at night so you often don't directly observe the damage they're doing to your home.

The proper Latin name for the silverfish is Lepisma saccharina. They're real enemies of every household, breeding rapidly and causing severe infestations. They love to live in dark places such as inside furniture and other items in your home.

A little like moths, they feed on the strangest of things, including photographs, clothing, books, paper, wallpaper and natural fabrics such as cotton, wool and leather. It's not uncommon for wardrobes to become infested and whole sets of clothes destroyed by these chomping beasts. They also love anything with an element of starch, sugar and carbohydrate, so look out for them in your kitchen cupboards.

Silverfish reach mature adulthood between 4 months and 3 years, depending on the conditions in which they live. On average, they reach maturity within about a year at ambient temperatures of 21-23 degrees and their entire lifespan can be from 2-8 years - plenty of time to do a lot of damage.

Female silverfish lay their eggs in cracks and crevices that are sheltered and tucked away from disturbances, They lay about 100 eggs in warm temperatures of 25-30 degrees. CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...


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