Gluten Intolerance - 7 Warning Signs You Shouldn't Ignore



Gluten intolerance will show itself very quickly after it has been taken into the digestive system; usually within an hour. Those who have it will often complain about inexplicable raging headaches that come on all of a sudden. This is caused by the microvilli present in the intestine wall being depleted as it tries to fight off the protein as if it is an alien substance. This in turn makes it impossible for the body to absorb the gluten which results in symptoms. Some headaches can develop into severe migraines, causing the tell-tale symptoms of migraine to materialise. Vision disturbance (zig-zag lines) neck pain and a throbbing band of pain can be so debilitating that one has to lie in a dark room to get some relief.

Stomach disturbances

Gluten intolerant people frequently complain of gastric upsets straight after eating products that contain gluten because the digestive tract (the gut) is working so hard to rid the body of the substance. This can cause all kinds of cramping, excess wind, bloating of the stomach, diarrhoea and constipation. These symptoms are uncomfortable and distressing and can affect lifestyle and your ability to work and play normally. Minerals and vitamins that are usually absorbed in the body don't make their way in and this can lead to poor health and even Celiac or autoimmune diseases. Steering clear of gluten avoids the chances of contracting the more serious elements of Celiac disease, which actually damages the intestine area and the digestive system. Keeping a record of your symptoms as they occur can help narrow down the diagnosis so you can take steps to manage your gluten intake.

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