Going On A Trip? You Need Only One Suitcase!


1. Lay Out Clothes By Type

To prepare fitting all of your clothes into one suitcase, begin by separating them by type. Soft garments, like t-shirts and blouses made from light materials, such as cotton or polyester, can be placed in one stack, while heavier, stiffer garments, such as denim jeans and jackets, can be placed in another. This will help to keep you organized as you go as well as provide a visual in the beginning to get an understanding of exactly what will be going into your case.

2. Roll Soft Garments

Because of their relative light weight and texture, soft garments can be rolled up before packing them into your suitcase. Making them as small and tight as possible allows for more room in your case for bulkier items and also provides that extra bit of cushion should you also have delicate things inside that need to be kept safe.

3. Fold Stiff Garments

Unlike the soft garments, stiff items will best fit into a suitcase by folding them to be as flat as possible. Because of the heaviness of materials such as denim or even leather, rolling them the same way as soft garments will only cause them to take up more room. For stiff garments, the flatter the better.

4. Shoes Go In First

Because of their cumbersome design in terms of packing a suitcase, it’s best to fit your shoes in first, filling in the space around them afterwards. To protect your shoes, you may also want to put each pair inside a shoe bag before packing. This is to avoid scuffing delicate materials, like leather or suede, when the rest of your items are placed on top. Shoes take up a lot of room, especially in a smaller suitcase, so it’s best to keep it at as few pairs as possible.

5. Folded Items In Next

Once the shoes are in and you have a better idea of the remaining space you have to fit your clothes, begin stacking your folded garments into the suitcase around the shoes. This works best by keeping the shoes to one side of the case and stacking the stiff garments on the other side. Once the stack is the same height as the shoes, continue stacking on top of the shoes to create an even layer across the bottom of the case.
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