Google Maps: A Miracle Of Modern Times

There are many criminal cases which turn "cold" due to a lack of evidence or leads. Without sufficient information, investigators have no choice but to place such cases at the back of the proverbial pile and in many instances, they will remain here. However, technology is changing the ways in which information is collected. We have already seen many examples within movies of when spy satellites and other facial recognition software is employed to "crack" a mystery. A real-life situation occurred recently that highlights just how far such systems have evolved. How was Google Maps able to shed light on a case that was more than a decade old?

Cold Turned Hot

Over ten years ago in the United States, a man by the name of Davie Lee Niles seemingly disappeared without a trace. After performing exhaustive searches in his home state of Michigan, investigators were at a loss. What was perhaps even more disconcerting is that Mr. Niles had recently been diagnosed with cancer and was apparently suffering from depression. This was certainly understandable considering his age as well as the fact that he assumed that a great deal of suffering was soon to follow. While the scenario of a suicide or another sad situation was certainly plausible, investigators were unable to find any evidence of such an act. This caused his family and loved ones further grief over the next decade. With no other options, Google Maps was able to crack this decidedly frigid case in a surprising manner. After examination, it appeared as if this satellite program had uncovered the image of an object at the bottom of a lake in Michigan. It was not immediately clear whether this shadow was a submerged vehicle or simply a visual illusion and nothing more. The image initially appeared to be nothing more than a green stain on the bottom of the lake close to the shore. CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...
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