Grandmother Wins £1 Million On The Lottery By Mistake

57-year-old Lynne Groves is the newest recipient of £1 million and it all happened because of one simple little accident.

A Happy Accident

Lynne is a regular player of the lotto and like most players, dreamed of the day she would strike it rich. For many, this will never be a reality. Most will not win, but will continue to buy tickets in the hopes their numbers will one day be called. For Lynne, this day came sooner than expected. And though she pocketed a large sum of cash, it also came with quite an amazing story and that’s priceless.
When asking the shopkeeper to print for her a regular Lotto ticket, the grandmother-of-eight was instead given a EuroMillions ticket by accident. After realizing his mistake, the shopkeeper reprinted a Lotto Lucky Dip—a ticket that just happened to contain the winning numbers, unbeknownst to the both of them at the time.
She knew the family that operated the store and would often say “hello” and joke with the staff when she stopped by, but this was no joke: It was the real deal and they would both soon find out.
When Lynne checked her ticket, the main numbers did not match. When she moved down to the Lotto Raffle, however, she couldn’t believe her eyes. She had just won £1 million! Though she had planned to work into her late sixties or beyond, her plans were about to change. Her luck has definitely changed her future for the better and one little mistake has made a world of difference.
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