Graves Definitely But Grave Humor? Well That Depends Entirerly On You!


1 - An epitaph you just cannot argue with.

As gravestones go, W. H. Hahn Jr's is a fairly simple one, although this marble plaque in Princetown Cemetery New Jersey certainly packs a punch. I don't know who Hahn was, an academic perhaps given the Princetown location or maybe he was a someone who had suffered from ill-health. No doubt others will have both copied “I told you I was sick” and reached a similar conclusion themselves. The British comedian and writer Spike Milligan, who I'm pretty certain never saw Hahn's grave had, “I told you I was ill” etched onto his gravestone in St Thomas's Church, Winchelsea, East Sussex.

2 - A commercial break he didn't come back from.

Merv was a very talented individual, presenter of the Merv Griffin Show, a musician, singer, actor and game show creator. The Wheel of Fortune, created by Griffin, morphed into The Price is Right, syndicated not just in the US but worldwide. Merv died of prostate cancer, his funeral in Los Angeles was attended by amongst others Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nancy Reagan and Dick Van Dyke. His epitaph, which he must have said thousands of times during his TV career as the commercial break loomed was a little surprising because in his book “Merv” he had written it would be “Stay tuned.”

3 - Whiskey and wild wild women.

Does the reader also detect a touch of irony in the epitaph written for the late Walter W. Staffen by a nephew or niece? A regret perhaps that, had the deceased behaved differently and not spent so much money cavorting, there may have been a little bequest for them. Even so, I don't detect any bad feeling and Walter certainly appears to have packed quite a lot into his 62 years. I wonder how many wives he had. It does leave me wondering though whether, in the end, it was the wives or his love of whiskey that did for him.
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