Haircutting Hacks - How To Keep Yours In Tip Top Condition


Hair cutting rules

Your hair style, texture, composition and structure is uniquely yours and in time you should be able to put together a blueprint that works best for you. Unfortunately, while developing your specific needs there will be a lot of trial and error along the way. What one of us has not left a hair dressing salon with a disastrous cut or colour? It's all part of the learning journey that teaches us what suits and what doesn't. The type of hair you have matters the most, so while some may need their ends trimmed every six week others don't. The six-week trim is a generally accepted average for the masses. If you have thick and coarse wild hair, you may need to visit the salon more often than not. For others, their hair never seems to grow any more than an inch. It's generally recommended that you trim the ends of your hair every couple of months anyway because this encourages new growth and gets ride of split ends, leaving you with a neater and better conditioned mane.

Bangs, curls and conditioning

Fringes can give the appearance of longer hair as they draw attention to the fringe itself. A common mistake most people make with a fringe is to try and shape one alone. This is never advised because hair has a natural buoyancy which makes it shorter when it dries. Save yourself the trouble and embarrassment by booking an appointment with a trained hairstylist. Curly hair requires a lot of maintenance and if it's coloured too, it needs more conditioner than the one you buy at the local store. Professional conditioning treatments three times a year should keep it in top top shape.

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