Haircutting Hacks - How To Keep Yours In Tip Top Condition


The heart of hairdressing

The hairdressing industry is highly competitive and always expanding to keep up with consumer demand. Haircare used to be an exclusively female thing, with women clamouring to adopt the latest trend in shape and style. Since the likes of David Beckham and other noted celebrity persons took to sponsored ad campaigns sporting the latest fad on our TV screens, men have become more interested in haircare. Famous VIP's can make or break a haircare product or dictate a fashion trend by simply appearing on a billboard. Typically, we follow suit and we don't care about the cost. Hair styles worn by the famous can cause a craze so great it turns the hairdressing business on its head. One only has to think of Justin Bieber, The Beatles, band members from pop sensation Oasis or Princess Diana, to understand how socially important a particular style can be.

Hot tips from hairdressers

In a recent survey, a select number of hairdressers were interviewed and they revealed a startling number of facts that they don't readily admit to their beloved clients. As with all other business', hairdressers engage in tricks of the trade and some of them we can implement ourselves at home. Many of us use hair straighteners and tongs these days, especially if we don't have naturally kinky hair, or if we want it sleek and lean. However, using these hairdressing accessories can damage the natural oils and elasticity. Most people use these tools when the hair is wet and this is also not advised by the experienced professionals; hair should always be dried first. There's a myth that thin hair should always be worn short and if you are having your first appointment on a Saturday in a salon it's a bad move. It's the salon's busiest time so don't expect to receive individual attention. However, when it comes to cutting hair there's some things every man and woman should know.

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