Halloween Makeup Tutorials


Devil Makeup Tutorial

Using white face paint, available at any Halloween or costume shop, cover the entirety of your face, neck, shoulders and top half of your chest, except the eyelid area and the lips.
Next, using red face paint and a small angled brush, carefully go over the brows to create an exaggerated arch. On the empty eyelids, use red matte eyeshadow to fill it in, blending it upwards to the brow to create a nice gradient. Using the same eyeshadow, smudge out the lower lash line, followed by a red eyeliner on the waterline.
Outline the lips with red lipliner and fill them in with a matte red lipstick. Next, take black liquid liner and create a bold, dramatic wing from the corner of the eyes up towards the eyebrows. Take matte black eyeshadow and lightly blend the tail of the wing into the outer “V” area for an extra villainous look. To finish eyes, add a quick coat of mascara before putting on a pair of fake lashes.
Using a very small brush, take the red face paint and freehand a mask shape around the eyes and across the bridge of the nose, making sure that it is symmetrical to create the illusion that you’re wearing a domino mask.
With the red eyeshadow and brush, smudge the line of the mask shape out, creating a gradient to give a “glowing” effect. After, take a flat brush and touch up the outline of the mask shape for a more precise line for a better contrast to the gradient. Once the outline is complete, take a small brush and add flourishes to the line to create the look of lace.
With the same small brush, begin filling in the mask freehand with lines and shapes to give it a textured look, doing your best to keep the mask symmetrical. Finish up the face by adding some definition to the cheeks using contour powder and red contact lenses to the eyes.
To create the look of lace clothing covering the shoulders, begin by using red face paint and a small flat brush to outline the collar and neck. Fill it in with a crisscrossed line pattern and shade out the lines. Using a small brush, create small circles where the lines meet and finish by adding crisscrossed lines to join the two sides, creating the illusion of lace strings.

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