Have A Fear Of Flying? Avoid These Airlines

Technically speaking, airplanes are actually safer than cars. You are more likely to get into a car accident than a plane crash. But that does not prevent some people from having a phobic fear of flying. In many cases there is no real cause to worry, but with some airlines that fear may well be justified. So which airlines do you fly with and how do you know that they are safe? The website uses the following criterion when rating the safety level of any given airline: IOSA certification; blacklist placement; safety record (in terms of fatalities); FAA endorsement; ICAO safety parameters; its relationship with national aviation authorities globally and the origin of the aircraft’s manufacture. The worst and best airlines are thus ranked according to this criterion. Here is a list of the airlines with the worst safety record for 2015 thus far:

Yeti Airlines

Yeti Airlines (based in Nepal) has been involved in the deaths of over thirty passengers and crew and the destruction of two aircrafts over the past decade. They are FAA endorsed, but are banned from flying in EU airspace and are not IOSA certified.

Sriwijaya Air

Although it is the third largest Indonesian air carrier, it lacks in many safety departments. It has no international safety recognition and is banned from flying in European airspace. Although there have been no fatalities there have been a number of incidents resulting in injuries and damage. They have a number of ageing aircrafts that are due to be replaced.
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