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So tragic and so moving...

Kate Murray, who is originally from Florida, is a well-known photographer, especially for her, often heart-rending images which have given us wonderful insights into the lives of hundreds of people. This example, however, is so special that it will be etched into Kate's memory forever. It is the image of a woman who had asked Kate to take her photograph shortly after giving birth to her first child. So far, so normal. But there is a tragic twist. When she was half-way through her pregnancy, the woman received a shocking diagnosis: she had third-stage breast cancer. One of her breasts had to be surgically removed and the woman underwent chemotherapy treatment while she was still carrying her unborn child in her womb.

The amazing photos that capture the very first moments between mother battling cancer and her new-born son

Murray reported via Facebook that after 36 weeks gestation, the doctors decided to induce the birth so that they could continue to treat the disease and to give the mother and her child the best possible chance of survival. Baby Kal-El was born in April, 2015, thankfully, in perfect health. The photographer, Kate Murray, was in the room to capture the very moment when the baby's head turned to reach the only remaining breast of his mother. At the time, the room was filled with emotions of rare strength and intensity, which are virtually tangible in the photographs. One photo shows the mother fighting back tears and covering her eyes with her hand, as her son manages to latch on to her remaining breast for the very first time.
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