Healthy Chocolate Ice-cream: The Hit Of The Summer!

With a little creativity, this summer it's completely possible to make your own homemade chocolate ice cream that's not only good for you (!), but requires no specialist ice-cream maker. The peculiarity of this recipe is that this homemade ice cream is vegan: it contains neither eggs nor milk. All you need is a freezer, and the resulting recipe is totally yummy- ideal for those who avoid eggs or dairy, or both- as well as being lower in fat, cholesterol, and calories.

Ingredients and Calorie Count (Makes 4 servings)

500 ml of soya or other non-dairy milk, such as coconut, hemp, or rice, ideally unsweetened (32 calories per 100 ml approx, check the package as individual brands vary)

200 ml dairy free cream

140 grammes of hazelnuts, removed from their shells and toasted (600 calories per 100 grammes)

160 grammes of white granulated sugar (392 calories per 100 grams)

70 grammes of cocoa powder, organic if you can get it (320 calories per 100 grams)

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Freezing time: 6 hours total


Variants on the Recipe

By simply changing a few ingredients, you can make other flavours of ice cream without using either milk or eggs. If you remove the cocoa powder and hazelnuts, and replace them with 200 grams of fresh fruit puree (which could be any sweet summer fruit, such as strawberries, peaches, cherries and apricots but also melon etc.) then you'll essentially have a frozen fruit smoothie that's 100% vegan and an ideal snack for kids in warmer weather.


1. To prepare the non-dairy ice cream flavour of your choice, first pour the milk of your choice into the pan (supermarkets often have different varieties on offer; coconut works well because it's creamy, but any non-dairy milk will work for this recipe). Add the vegan cream and heat, but don't bring to the boil. Then whisky in the sugar until it's all dissolved. Rice milk is naturally very sweet, so if you're using this or any other kind of sweetened milk, you can lower the amount of sugar you add to closer to 103 grammes.

2. Meanwhile, continue to heat the liquid on the hob, finally adding the cocoa powder a spoon at a time, and whisking in. Sieve the cocoa powder first to remove lumps.

3. Finally add the nuts, stir, turn off the heat and let cool. At this point put it in a bowl that can go in the freezer and which has a lid. Place in the freezer and wait!

4. When it's set, remove from the freezer and give a good blitz in the blender.

5. Put the ice cream back in the freezer. After about 6 hours in total, it will be ready to serve.


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