Healthy Properties In Cabbage That Will Amaze You


There is no doubt that cabbage has an image as being a food that is not particularly enjoyed. It also has a bad reputation for being a source of natural gas in our bodies that can lead to some embarrassing situations.

However, some recent studies have highlighted that this vegetable has some amazing health properties that can reduce the chances of getting some pretty heavy conditions that range from heart disease to diabetes. The terrific healing effects of the humble cabbage have a range of properties that stretch from helping your digestive system to treatment of minor wounds.

Natural relief from pain

A US university has conducted tests and discovered that the leaf of the cabbage has pain killing properties. A chemical called apigenin which is a flavonoid present in a cabbage leaf has the ability to reduce swelling. A compress consisting of just cabbage leaves can reduce pain in all areas of the body. Here is how to prepare the cabbage:

  • Wash and dry the vegetable leaves
  • Put the leaves on the area of the body that is in pain
  • Keep the leaves in place with a clean bandage
  • Keep on overnight
  • Change the dressing daily

There are a variety of cabbages that can be found in the shops, and you will be pleased to know that they all have this property.


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