Here Are 10 Of The World’s Most Beautiful Waterfalls To Visit This Year


10 - Huka Falls in New Zealand

Huka Falls is situated on a hard volcanic ledge that narrows to just 20 metres along Lake Taupo. The powerful waterfalls consist of over 200,000 litres of water in an 11-metre drop. Crossing the bridge over Huka waterfall will give you a breath-taking view of this natural attraction in New Zealand. The amazing force of the water that flows through the almighty Waikato River is enough to leave you breathless. Here Are 10 Of The World’s Most Beautiful Waterfalls To Visit This Year The walking trails alongside the river offer a completely different viewing, with all angles of the falls visible. Huka Falls is New Zealand’s most visited destination and there are plenty of biking trails along the falls. If you’re into walking, the 2-hour Taupo walk begins at Spa Park and finishes at the waterfalls. The track takes you through the hot water springs and open valleys of the Waikato River. To get an up close and personal experience of the falls, take a boat cruise on the Waikato River for a thrilling white water ride.

9 - Kuang Si waterfall in Laos SE Asia

The waterfalls of Kuang Si can be found in the Jungle Park in Laos. This is the largest waterfall in the entire Luang Prabang region that leads to a 50-metre drop into vast pools. Tourists can take advantage of the great swimming holes in these pools and there are wooden huts you can use to change into your swimming clothes. Here Are 10 Of The World’s Most Beautiful Waterfalls To Visit This Year The 5-metre high pools are cascaded with cold water because of the shade by the tropical jungle that surrounds the waterfalls. Even if you don’t fancy a swim in these refreshing waters, you can still relax and enjoy the amazing views of this natural wonder. Rock climbing enthusiasts can get close to the rocks and see the natural spectacle from the bridge plus there is also a small walking trail that leads up to the top of the waterfall. From the top, you can observe the waterfalls closely but make sure you take extra precautions as the path is quite is rocky to climb.
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