Here Are 6 Foods And Rules To Follow To Have Firmer Breasts


Maintain an optimal weight to avoid sagging

A major cause of breast sagging is fluctuation of weight. When you consume alcohol and junk food, you’ll end up gaining weight rather than build muscle. An unhealthy diet can affect the breast tissue as the body fat is stored in these tissues. Although muscle building makes you heavier, there is no specific exercise that will actually keep your breasts firmer and tighter. Body fat does however; affect breast size so if you’re struggling with your weight, or gaining weight continuously, it could eventually take its toll on your breasts. This is because the skin over the breasts tends to lose its elasticity when stretched. When you gain and lose weight, the fat around the breasts can be lost quickly as compared to other parts of the body. The continuous stretching of the skin makes them droopy and sag over time. The best thing you can do is to stay consistent with your weight by following a healthy diet. Weight fluctuations will only strain your skin and ligaments, not to mention those unsightly stretch marks! Staying away from fatty foods and avoiding crash diets are the only solution to maintaining a healthy weight as advised by nutritionists.

Regular breast exercises really do work

Contrary to popular belief, there are no proven methods, aside from surgery, that will naturally increase the size of your breasts and make them appear tighter. To artificially make them look bigger, most women resort to wonder bras that are padded. But this isn’t your only option. By developing the muscles underneath the breasts, they will soon appear fuller and firmer. According to certified personal trainer J C Keck, the right exercises can keep your breasts in an upright position; however, breasts aren’t made up of muscle so there is nothing to tone. By doing appropriate chest exercises, the appearance of your pectoral area can be greatly improved. There are some workouts that strengthen the surrounding ligaments, which as a result make them tighter. One of the easiest and most popular pectoral exercises that firm you up is the push-up. This exercise strengthens and tones the muscles beneath the breasts whilst reducing the excess fat deposits that build up around the chest area. When you do push-ups three or four times a week, especially when you combine them with weight lifting, you will help shape up your breasts within a matter of weeks. Lifting weights and chest presses strengthen pectoral muscles and you won’t need to go to the gym for these exercises – they can all be practiced in the comfort of your own home.

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