Horoscopes Or Horrorscopes? Revealing The Negatives Of The Zodiac Spectrum


Cool Capricorn

Goats have a naturally chilly disposition. With their frosty natures, they can often appear to be colder than the ice-caps on Mount Everest. You might even find them camping out on the summit because they were born to climb socially. Goat guys and gals don't believe in excessive displays of emotion and will walk away from drama-induced situations. It's not that they don't care. They do. But as an earth sign, they are grounded in reality. This gives them a certain sharpness that can be misinterpreted as a lack of compassion. It's worth remembering then, when you turn to your significant goat (or goatette), you might not get those coveted cuddles. However, you'll find comfort and solace in their worldly wisdom and practical advice.

Angry Aries

As fire signs go, Aries folk certainly live up to their reputation for being hot-headed heavies. The rambunctious rams can rant and rage, letting off steam like a locomotive engine. Like the Spring weather they are born into, they are blustery and prone to showers of indignation. However, the combatative approach of Aries is not born out of badness and it's certainly not premeditated. It's more a case of simple impatience. Because of their zest and enthusiasm to get things done, they frequently land themselves in hot water. The rageful ram's saving grace is that their outbursts don't last long and peace can restored within a blink of an eye.

Lukewarm Libra

Laid back and lackadaisical, Librans are experts at sitting on the fence. They are notorious for weighing up the pros and cons just like the symbol of the scales suggest. They believe in equality and justice and that's what causes their inherent dithering. They find it almost impossible to make major commitments which causes friction in their relationships. People born under this sign are often accused of being lazy, but it's their indecisiveness and inability to stay the course that has earned them a bad press. It's no surprise then when people complain about their 'airy-fairy' attitude.
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