Hostage Hell - When Dialling For A Pizza Delivers More


Under threat

Cheryl Treadway, a Florida resident, is a perfect example of an average kidnapping ordeal. Cheryl had a current boyfriend named Ethan Nickerson, and they had spent a day together which was not unusual.
Hostage hell - when dialling for a pizza delivers more
However, as the day progressed, the couple were said to have had several arguments which escalated over the course of the day. The pair were said to be at their residence when the serious bickering began. During the course of the quarrels, Nickerson apparently fetched a knife and threatened Cheryl Treadway with it. The terrified woman didn't know what to do or how to proceed as she believed her enraged boyfriend was serious about the knife threats. Cheryl reminded Nickerson that her children were due to be collected from school but Nickerson insisted he accompany her because he knew she wasn't going to return. It was then that Cheryl Treadway knew she was in serious trouble.

Pizza Hut plea

When Cheryl and her children reluctantly returned to their home, with Nickerson in tow, she knew their lives were at stake. Now a prisoner in her own home, Cheryl had to think on her feet and find a way out for herself and the children. She asked an unsuspecting Nickerson could she have her phone to call the local Pizza Hut branch. She explained to her violent boyfriend that they were hungry. Nickerson agreed to let her use the phone and that's when he made his fatal mistake. While Cheryl used an app to order her pizza, she discreetly typed the words "Please help. Get 911 to me" in the comments section. Pizza Hut employees noticed the hidden message and responded immediately and contacted the police. Police successfully managed to talk Nickerson into letting them go unharmed.
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