Hostage Hell - When Dialling For A Pizza Delivers More


When terror strikes

Being kidnapped and held prisoner is more common than people think and often the reasons behind it have nothing to do with monetary gain. Typically, we associate hostage scenarios with large-scale robberies; professional jobs done by hardened criminals who are trained to pull off elaborate heists. At least that's what is portrayed on our TV screens and in movie theatres around the globe. When it comes down to real-life hostage situations, the narrative is slightly less glamorous and can be a lot more dangerous. While the film industry depicts modern day Robin Hood characters, the real world deals with thousands of abductions per annum, and these stories don't always have a happy ending. Many cases of abduction and captivity take place right under our noses on the very streets we live and work, and they often go unreported and don't make the headline news. In fact, most people who are victims of this sort of crime already know their attacker.

Hostage hints

Advice varies from situation to situation. For instance, fighting back may seem like a good idea, but if one is holed up, bound and unable to move, the use of their senses can be all they've got. Taking a mental note of sights, sounds, accents, personable descriptions of the assailant and the surroundings may provide a getaway escape option later. If someone has access to a cell phone and has a quick moment to use it, then dialling 911 is obviously a choice. Sadly, most victims of abduction are stripped of their personal possessions and they're often taken to a location they don't know or can't see. General advice is to take a calculated risk if a golden opportunity presents itself, as it did in the case of Florida woman, Cheryl Treadway.
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