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How A Caffeine Crutch Can Help You Lose Weight


Cinnamon, honey and coconut oil

The next time you put your peculator on in the morning, consider adding some simple ingredients that you can buy in your local supermarket. Cassia and Ceylon cinnamon is full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components. It also decreases blood sugar levels which works like an appetite suppressant. Cinnamon encourages a fast breakdown of sugar which in turn helps burn fat. Coconut is a healthy fat and despite the bad press, a certain amount of fat is needed in a well-balanced diet. It doesn't cling like saturated fat and it stimulates the thermogenesis process which speeds up metabolism, which leads to more effective fat-burning.How a caffeine crutch can help you lose weight Honey contains a variety of nutrients, minerals and vitamins. For the body to successfully digest sugar, it uses up the vitamins and nutrients already present. When the digestive system has the right stuff to work on, it creates a natural balance of good cholesterol. This takes the pressure off strained hearts and releases more energy which gives the body greater ability to be more active. More mobility naturally causes pounds to drop. When you combine these three ingredients with a cup of coffee, you've got a powerful weight-loss booster that tastes pleasant and is easy to make.

The recipe

To save yourself time and money it's best to make up a batch of these three ingredients. How a caffeine crutch can help you lose weight
  • One teaspoon of cinnamon of your choice.
  • Three quarter cup of coconut oil.
  • A half cup of raw honey.
Mix all three ingredients in a cup, cover and store in a dry, cool place. Add one or two teaspoons of the mixture to your coffee while it's still hot.

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