How A Caffeine Crutch Can Help You Lose Weight


Why we gain weight

Gaining weight can be upsetting, especially when we feel we haven't done anything to warrant it. A sharp increase in weight can be caused by many factors and it's never a result of just one aspect of our lives. For some, a prolonged period of illness can bring on fluctuating weight. When we are bedridden and inactive the body doesn't get a chance to burn fat. For women, pregnancy inevitably leads to extra pounds and these can be shed naturally when some short-term restrictive measures are put in place. A lifestyle change, can also cause weight gain, for instance a divorce, death, career, or house move. For some, an emotional upset can cause a change in eating habits. For others it's a case of little exercise but for many it's a combination of all these things. Whatever category you find yourself in, we can all agree that shifting excess weight is hard going.

The role of caffeine in diet

Caffeine is a stimulant which is why we turn to it first thing in the morning. Despite many trials and research data, there's no real evidence to support the suggestion that on its own, it can help us lose weight. However, caffeine is an appetite suppressant and is an ingredient that's commonly found in many weight-loss supplements. While we tend to think of caffeine as primarily coming from coffee, it's an additive in many of the energy drinks that are sold as sports aids. There is however plenty of proof that caffeine does burn a certain amount of calories. This happens because caffeine somehow causes thermogenesis to work faster. Thermogenesis is what happens when the body produces heat and energy when digesting food. At best, coffee can be viewed as a weight-loss booster but, there are some other ingredients you can add that might make it even more effective.

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