How Babies Get A Kick Start In Life - Before They're Born


A moving moment

Babies are said to react strongly to other environmental influences. Perhaps the mother is spending time in a place where there's unusually loud noises; noisy traffic, outdoor concerts, busy shopping malls. Babies are extremely sensitive to sound and if it's very disturbing the baby may migrate to another part of the womb where it becomes quiet. This can be a cause for alarm by the mother, as a sudden loss of movement is just as disturbing as a sudden upturn in activity. There's also some evidence to suggest that an emotionally distressed mother i.e. one who is grieving and given to an emotional outburst can create a cause and effect syndrome. Researchers have also found that the activity of the unborn can be influenced by music. As most people use headphones these days, music is delivered directly to the baby and it responds accordingly to what kind of music mother's listen to. Classical music can induce calm and slows down the baby's heart rate. Ironically, just as the mother climbs into bed to get some sleep, the baby starts kicking like crazy. Nocturnal activity is very common because of the release of the mother's natural hormone; cortisone. The vigorous movements seen in this video, which clearly outline arms and legs protruding through this woman's abdomen are truly astounding. It's incredible to think that we take the gift of birth and life so much for granted and we forget just how miraculous the whole process is. For now, we hope and pray, that this frisky little one who is about to enter the world soon, has a safe and pleasant journey. We also wish his mother a healthy and happy delivery.
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