How Babies Get A Kick Start In Life - Before They're Born


Babies on the move

A baby's development in the womb is an extraordinary event that takes nine long months to come to fruition. From around the fourth month onwards, mothers-to-be report the first tiny movements of the foetus as it begins to stretch and grow within its cosy cocoon. Fetal activity varies from one woman to another, but the most startling movements can be felt within the third trimester of pregnancy and especially the last three weeks. Many parents put this excessive mobility down to the baby's character thinking it means the baby is going to be of a fiery nature or perhaps an athletic sports star. The reasons why babies move so much in the end has little to do with their pending personality. Restlessness towards the end term of pregnancy can be caused by a variety of factors, not least of all, that the baby has outgrown the spatial capacity of the womb. The belly and it's skin is distended and this makes the baby's antics much more visible to the naked eye. There's also evidence to suggest that the mother's energy, mood and disposition has an effect on the baby's inability to rest easy. For instance, scientists have discovered that an increase in adrenaline, or stress levels has a powerful effect on the foetus. Stressful environments and situations release the adrenaline hormone which is transmitted through the umbilical cord. The hormone is received like a shock wave and the baby reacts accordingly; rapid movement of the muscles. Perhaps that is precisely what happened in the case of this wonderful video, that captures the magical images of a very active baby.
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