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How Convertible Ballet Slippers Are Set To Revolutionize Footwear Fashion


Ballet Pumps that Convert to High Heels

Every day, many women walk to work in a comfortable pair of flats and carry a smart pair of high heels in their handbag, so that they can change into when they arrive at work. Now, however, thanks to the invention of a deceptively simple device, the need to carry a spare pair of shoes might soon be a thing of the past. With the touch of a tiny button, concealed in the inner sole of each shoe, a pair of ballet pumps can instantly transform into heels. The idea is the brainchild of shoe designer, Tanya Heath, who realised that such a shoe would be immensely popular with women and girls of all ages. Tanya, therefore, set out to create shoes that are equipped with interchangeable heels, that enable the shoe to be converted into a range of heel heights, ranging from four to nine centimetres.

Attention to Detail from Toe to Heel

This idea is simple and yet breathtakingly brilliant. A woman can now change from daytime to night-time attire without having to change her shoes. Tanya Heath, a 40-year-old Canadian designer, took about three years to design and develop the patent, to ensure that every detail was absolutely perfect. The structure of the heel was cleverly designed by the Parisian-based Heath, and is very difficult to copy, making it all the more special. The convertible shoe heels are available in many different prints, colours and styles to maximise their appeal to as many people as possible. From leopard print, to glitter, there is a pair to suit every possible taste, and the best thing is that one can change the appearance of the shoes in the blink of an eye.
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