How Eating Walnuts Benefits Your Health - In Only Four Hours

It's well known that walnuts, just like all other kinds of nuts, are extremely good for us. You might, however, be surprised to find out just how beneficial they can be for our bodies in as little a time as four hours after eating them. All nuts are packed with polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats - you may think this a bad thing, but it's the saturated fats that we need to avoid for health reasons: the fats that nuts contain are actually good for us when consumed in moderation. Unsaturated fats in fact have a positive effect on both circulation and cholesterol levels, both of which are vital to good health. How Eating Walnuts Benefits Your Health - In Only Four Hours Within just four hours of eating a handful of walnuts, blood tests can show that cholesterol levels have appreciably fallen, improving blood vessel flexibility and leading to an easier blood flow and less strain on the heart. The nuts also generate a thermogenic effect, meaning the fats in your arteries are actively dissolved and burnt off, again leading to less work for your heart in pumping the blood around your circulatory system. It's already clear to see that walnuts are an indispensable ally for heart health, but that's very far from the end of the story.
Walnuts also contain a large amount of natural minerals and salts, all vital to the smooth functioning of the body. Essential substances they contain include zinc, copper, phosphorus, iron and calcium. A regular intake of a small amount of nuts is a far more effective - and of course natural - way of maintaining overall health than taking dietary supplement tablets to compensate for a poor diet. Of course, there is a small but important downside. Walnuts, like all nuts, are relatively high in energy, containing around 600 calories per 100g. This means that overconsumption isn't good for those looking to control their weight, but luckily only a small amount of nuts are enough to give your body an excellent boost in many vital nutrients: vitamins P, F, C, B9, B2 and A are all present in high concentrations and relatively easily absorbed.

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