How Evolved Are You? (The Case Of The Missing Tendon)

All bodies are exactly alike, right? Some of us are larger than others, but if you think we’d all look like exactly the same image out of a Grey’s Anatomy textbook under our skin and fat, you’d be wrong. Some people really are further along on the evolution trail than others, and you can find out if you’re ahead or behind in two seconds flat. Human bodies have organs, bones, and muscles that are completely useless. They’re vestigial structures left over from the hominids that came before us. Your appendix, wisdom teeth, and tonsils are better known examples, but this week released a viral post that introduced a lesser known vestigial structure. If you have it, it means you’re more developed than others. It's called the palmris longus , but don’t worry, it’s easier to find than to pronounce.

Test Your Mettle

Place your arm on a table, palm up, and touch your thumb with your pinkie finger. If, when you raise your hand slightly, you see a raised band or tendon, you’re less evolved than those without it. That tendon is entirely useless. It’s a leftover structure that connected the muscles of earlier hominids, but it serves no function in humans.

Evolution Moving Backwards

Vestigial structures don’t always disappear over thousands of generations. Sometimes, the body evolves to give them a purpose instead. Evolution is no simple process. People may one day develop a purpose for the appendix or the process that causes goosebumps. Vestigial structures get far weirder than that, though.
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