How Eye Colour Reveals The Diversity And Vibrancy Of Our Temperaments.


Eyes that sparkle and bewitch

When W.S. Gilbert wrote "Take a pair of sparkling eyes" in one of his works, he clearly knew about the age-old idea that the eyes of a person reveal a great deal about their nature and personality as well as their state of health and well-being. The ancient Egyptians in particular respected the power of the eye, which they represented through their magical symbol, the Eye of Horus. When it comes to the secrets of your soul, the eyes still have it. Here are the major personality traits associated with each of the eye colours that we see every day in our friends and families and the people we meet on the street. And remember, each one of us is an individual and although we share our basic eye colouring with millions of others, our eyes also have subtle differences that make them delightfully unique!

Baby blue eyes are warm and caring

Whilst they might at first seem to be reserved, blue-eyed people are in fact warm-hearted, generous, kind and loving. They take a little time to reveal that, though. The term "baby blues" for eyes probably comes from the fact that many baby mammals have attractive deep blue eyes either at birth or when their eyes first open. When blue eyes reveal the deep colour of a calm sea, they are held by many people to be the sign of a delicate and even a refined character. Light blue eyes are indicative of a strong and healthy individual whose penetrating and compelling gaze reaches into the souls of others. Blue eyes of all kinds can be the indicator of a mystical, intuitive personality. People with this colour eye can be found in many societies and places and they are believed to have had a single origin in a blue-eyed individual who lived about 10,000 years ago. If you are a fortunate blue-eyed person from any part of the world you can thank that ancestor for your desirable blue eyes that are so admired by others. It's not just about the eyes, either - it's your caring, knowledgeable and compassionate nature that is equally memorable.

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