How Hair Colour May Very Well Reveal Your Personality


1 - Salt and Pepper

Salt and pepper is a term used for those with both black and white hairs. It should be obvious that in most cases, this trait will develop later in one's life; generally from 40 years of age or older. Blondes, brunettes and redheads can all eventually develop this characteristic. As salt-and-pepper locks are associated with age, many feel that this characteristic signals those who approach tasks with a level head and are generally quite cool under pressure. They tend to be leaders and are not prone to make rash decisions. These individuals can develop strong bonds with those closest to them while they are likewise oriented towards their family. Unfortunately, there are some who claim that salt-and-pepper hair is a sign of stress and they could suffer from slight anxiety. They may not be as prone to develop innovative thoughts such as those that may be required at a job. Those who do not dye their hair are seen as exhibiting a confidence that might not be present in individuals with other hair colours.

2 - Redheads

It should come as no great surprise that red hair is said to indicate a feisty and passionate personality. In fact, there may be a scientific basis behind this observation. While only a small majority of redheads hold corporate-level positions, those that do are said to be highly innovative, team leaders and extremely quick thinkers when under pressure. As red hair is one of the rarer colours, redheads tend to display a singularity that is not frequently seen with those who have more common hues. However, some believe that there is a downside to having red locks. Redheads are said to be temperamental, stubborn and somewhat obtuse in regards to expressing their emotions. This could lead to clashes with different personalities. Still, those who have red hair are likely to go against the proverbial grain and think outside of the box. Redheads may be much more shy than others although once they find a friend, they will stay loyal for the remainder of their lives. Another interesting observation is that redheads are said to be more sensitive to pain. Scientists have indeed found that those with this colour require more painkillers when undergoing surgery or while at the dentist. It appears as if such levels of sensitivity are associated with much more than emotions alone!
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