How One Woman Beat The "cancer Cough"

Most of us get coughs occasionally, but imagine if you went to the doctor with a simple cough — and he told you that you had only a short time to live! That was the terrifying reality that faced Emily Bennet Taylor, a 28-year-old woman from Los Angeles. She never expected anything like that, and why should she? She lived a full, active life, played plenty of sport and even had a leading role in a local majorette troupe. So it was a truly shocking experience — but Emily refused to let the news get her down, and instead decided to face the future head on.

A shock from the Internet

Life was going well for Emily. She lived happily with her fiancé, Miles, and thought that her coughs were caused by a simple allergy. Miles believed the same, so there seemed no reason to bother the doctor. Still, when the cough went on for some time without getting better, Emily went to the local surgery, hoping to have her mind put at rest.
As many of us do nowadays, she did some research online before her appointment, and "Doctor Google" threw up a very nasty surprise. Emily called her boyfriend in a panic and told him, "I think I have lung cancer!"

The worst news of all

Miles jokingly told Emily not to believe everything she read online. At Emily's appointment, the doctor surprised her by performing a thorough examination. She became increasingly concerned when she was even sent for many X-rays, and her fears were confirmed when the doctor gave her the terrible news: she had advanced lung cancer. What she'd read online had been true! Even worse, her cancer had progressed so far that surgery seemed impossible and that nothing could be done except to provide her with palliative care in her final weeks. Emily, though, was not finished yet! CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...

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